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Interim Report

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Dear Project Partners, Dear Workshop Participants, Dear Stakeholders,


Hereby we want to announce that the interim Report has been sent to EACEA on January 31st.


The public part of the interim report can be found here.


Also, this means that the diva project has passed its halftime. Reason enough for a short résumé of the first year.


Firstly, we want to thank our project partners. The diva project is in time, in budget and running extraordinary well. The consortium is working together in a respectful and fruitful manner and there has been not a single situation in which this was not the case. Huge thanks for that.


We also want to thank  all participants in the different events last year. Within the first year a set of events, starting with focus group interviews, local round tables and concluding the first year with the final workshop in Graz. Below you can find a short video about that  latest  event. For further information please see the report of findings, including the workshop report.





This final workshop – actually the report of the workshop – also concluded the first year.


Now, what stays for the second year are two main things:

  • Production of the Final Products
  • Dissemination

Once the products are finished, the diva project has a focused dissemination phase of 6 months.


Being a Project about Dissemination and Exploitation, the diva project naturally wants to be disseminated and exploited in the best possible manner. The workshops and round tables brought us extraordinary good inputs.


Our task now is to use that input, produce good products and use the experiences of own and other project coordinators for a good dissemination of our own products.


Again,  we want to thank all participants in the different round tables and workshops, as well as the entire project team for the good collaboration.


We will keep you informed about all relevant developments in this section, also in year two.


Ready for a successful second year of the diva project I stay, with kind regards,

Adrian Kachelmaier and the DiVa - Team  

(February 2011)

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