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DiVa project concluded

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Dear partners, dear stakeholders, dear friends,


we have officially concluded the DiVa project. Let me express my sincere thanks to everyone involved in the project. Thanks go to:


... all the experts and colleagues who took the time to participate at our Focus Groups and the Expert Survey.

... all project co-ordinators who filled our self rating survey.

... all colleagues who participated at our round tables and the final workshop.

... all those who where involved in the design of the dissemination strategies and exlpoitation methods which are now part of our products

... the countless idea and feedback givers, which were supporting us

... and all those, who will be hopefully many, who will use our products to make their own projects even more of a success.


You made it possible, whithout you, it would not have worked the way it did.


Rupert Beinhauer, December 2011

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