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Project Results

Project Results

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meeting_webOur project developed a methodology for analyzing dissemination and valorization success of projects and finding good practice. A series of events (five regional round tables plus one international workshop) have been carried out to facilitate this process and to present European project results and good practice examples in three distinct products:

  1. a handbook for dissemination, valorization and sustainability of educational projects.
  2. a good practice catalogue showing ideal candidates for transfer and further development
  3. recommendations to the EC and the national agencies for future activities.

eu_banner_webIt is a clear priority and aim of the European Union to foster the usage of project results and outputs after the finalization of projects. DiVa aimed at searching for projects within the triangle of education, culture and Europe and which have been implemented under the Lifelong Learning or other programme lines of the EU. These projects have been identified, evaluated, selected and presented at the round tables and the workshop in six European countries. They have been the basis for the products above. The DiVa consortium wants to express it's thanks to all those who have participated in the surveys, roundtables and workshops and for countless hours invested in our project.

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